The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a vibrant space that serves as a cornerstone of the Lower Price Hill community. As the second oldest (standing) former Catholic church in Cincinnati, it has served as a beacon of light in the community for many years. With our historic renovation project, we have breathed new life into The Sanctuary and revitalized its role in our community.

Today, The Sanctuary has a twofold purpose:

1) To serve as the community hub in Lower Price Hill – a place where the neighborhood can come together to celebrate, have fellowship, share a meal, learn from one another, or any other purpose that fits the needs of our neighbors.

2) To serve as a unique rental space for the Greater Cincinnati community – a place that is perfectly suited to host weddings, concerts, fundraisers, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, or anything else that Cincinnatians may need.

The Sanctuary can comfortably hold 350 people for a seated event (225 at tables), has a large stage, accessible restrooms, a commercial kitchen, and plenty of floor space. We offer special rates for non-profits and partner organizations.